Welcome to Ikoino Yuyado Iroha

Niseko Hokkaido is surrounded by rich nature.
Visitors from all over the world come in search of the finest powder snow in winter,
and in summer to enjoy sports and activities around Mt. Yotei, also known as the Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido.
Ikoino Yuyado Iroha welcomes its visitors with seasonal dining and natural hot spring bath Bihada-no-yu.

Just five minutes from the ski slopesEnjoy Niseko Annupuri next to the hotel

In summer, the Gondola is best
About ten minutes one-way and you reach the summit 1,000 meters high, where you get a panoramic view of Mt. Yotei, the Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido, and the expanse of nature. Enjoy horseback riding, trekking, Duckies, rafting and numerous other outdoor activities. On the premises of our hotel, you can enjoy tennis and golf.
Winter sports is the only way to go!
The quality of Niseko's powder snow is the best in the world. Enjoy a long cruise down the beautiful slopes covered fine powder while you gaze upon Mt. Yotei.

Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort ≫

Sightseeing in the area

  1. Mt. Yotei

    One of the one hundred most famous mountains in Japan where over 130 varieties of wild birds and alpine flora can be observed.

    Mt. Yotei
  2. Oyunuma

    The source for hot springs in the area, and famous for its fumarolic gas. The hot water marsh is a rarity, due to its size.

  3. Shinsen Marsh

    The most beautiful and mysterious marsh in the Niseko mountains. It is enjoyable during every season.

    Shinsen Marsh
  4. Niseko Kanrosui

    Located inside of Sakamoto Park is a famous sweet water spring from which visitors can collect water.

    Niseko Kanrosui
  5. Road Station Niseko View Plaza

    Here you will find all the information you need pertaining to tourism in Niseko, and is perfect for planning your trip. Local products are also sold here.

    Road Station Niseko View Plaza
  6. Niseko Annupuri Gondola

    Take the Gondola and enjoy a walk in the clouds. From the observatory you can enjoy a commanding view of Mt. Yotei and all the way to Lake Toya.

    Niseko Annupuri Gondola

Hot Springs

Relax your body and soul in the natural hot spring bath "Bihada-no-Yu", which literally means "Beautiful skin bath."

From the large glass windows in the large public bath, which is light and airy, you can see the gorgeous scenery. There are bed baths and sauna too to help refresh a tired body. There are chairs for the bath to make bathing easier and safer for small children and elderly people.

The quality of the outdoor bath at Ikoi Village contains 248mg of silicic acid, which is said to be effective in beautifying the skin when water contains more than 50mg, so great effects can be expected! The spring water also contains sodium and hydrogen carbonate, a rarity in Japan. The spring water makes the skin surface soft and clears away the dirt in the sebum.
After your bath you will feel refreshed, which is why the spring is also called "Seiryo-no-yu", which means "cool and refreshing bath."

Spring Quality and Effects
Spring name and source : Niseko Fountainhead 472-2 Aza Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido
Spring quality : Sodium - Hydrogen Carbonate, sulfate, chloride spring
Temperature(at fountainhead) : 58.6℃ (at outdoor temperature of 22.8℃)
PH level : 7.2
Effective for : Neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, subacromial bursitis, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, recovery from illness, chronic enteropathy, arteriosclerosis、chronic dermatitis, recovery from fatigue, promoting good health, minor cuts and scrapes, burns, chronic gynecological ailments, sensitivity to cold, constitutional infirmity and other.
Contraindications :Accute ailments (especially fever), malignant tumors, serious heart condition, respiratory failure, bleeding illness, active turberculosis, extreme anemia, other general progressive ailments or illnesses, pregnancy (especially the first and third trimester).
Spring type : [Indoor Bath] High pressure circulation [Outdoor Bath] Natural flowing spring water (water is added during summer to adjust water temperature)


Japanese dining is served using the finest Hokkaido ingredients brought forth by the rich land.

Ingredients grown in Niseko as well as only the choicest ingredients chosen by the chef are generously used to create colorful and succulent meals that are inticing. Enjoy the wonderful taste of Japanese dining.

Japanese BBQ is also great!
Japanese style BBQ, where you grill the ingredients of your choice and enjoy them piping hot!
There is everything from Genghis Khan lamb BBQ, the signature meal of Hokkaido, plenty of delicious meat and fresh seafood, not to mention Chirashi Sushi and curry! Of course there is a great lineup of desserts that kids and ladies love. So enjoy a joyful meal with friends and family.

Guest Rooms

Sense Japanese tradition and culture in a room filled with the aroma of Tatami mats.

Guests can choose from [Authentic Japanese Room], [Western Room] or the [Japanese-Western Room] which allows visitors to relax in the comfort of what they are familiar with while enjoying the culture of Japan.

Guest Room Overview

Total number of guest rooms 29 (12 Japanese-Western, 10 Low bed Japanese Style, 6 Japanese, 1 Western)
Check-in/Check-out 15:00/11:00
Guest room facilities TV, phone, hot water pot, refrigerator(empty), hair dryer, hot water toilet with bidet sprayer.
* The refrigerator is stocked with delicious Annupuri spring water.
* All rooms have WiFi.
* All rooms are Non Soking.
Amenities Hand towels, bath towels, body soap, conditioning shampoo, hand soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, Yukata, razor, mouth wash, tea set, multi-purpose bags, slippers
Rental items Humidifier, video deck, thermometer, diaper bucket (odorless type), child's toilet seat, child's chair, child's bath seat
* Please ask at the front desk.

  • ・Sapporo to Niseko via route 230 across the Nakayama Mountain Pass, through Makkari Village – 2 hours
    ・Otaru to Niseko via Yoichi via Route 5, through Kutchan – 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    ・Shin Chitose Airport to Niseko via Route 276 across the Bifue Mountain Pass through Makkari Village – 2 hours

  • ・Sapporo to Niseko by Highway Bus- 2 hours and 50 minutes (Toilet equipped bus)
    ・Otaru to Niseko by Highway Bus – 1 hour and 50 minutes (Toilet equipped bus)
    ・Shin Chitose Airport to Niseko by Ski and Sightseeing Bus – 2 hours 40 minutes (approx)

    Bus Schedule
    1. ◆ Sapporo -> Ikoi Village
      Sapporo Station Bus Terminal No. 1 Platform [Express Niseko]
      Departure Arrival at Ikoi Village
      8:25 11:33
      10:15 13:23
      13:45 16:53
    2. ◆ Ikoi Village -> Sapporo
      Departure Arrival at Bus Terminal
      10:08 13:23
      13:28 16:43
      15:48 19:03

    * Bus fare : Express Niseko (Via Otaru and Kutchan) / ¥2,240 one-way ¥4,000 round-trip
    * Reservations and Inquiries : Chuo Bus TerminalTEL : 011-231-0500

    1. This bus is reservation-only.

    2. ◆ New Chitose Airport -> Ikoi Village
      Arrival at Ikoi Village
      9:10 12:06
      11:30 14:26
      13:30 16:26
      15:30 18:26
    3. ◆ Ikoi Village -> New Chitose Airport
      Arrival at New Chitose Airport International Terminal
      8:37 11:33
      10:37 13:33
      14:37 17:33
      16:37 19:33

    * Bus fare : Chitose-Niseko Route / ¥2,600 one-way (December 1 - March 25)
    * Reservations and Inquiries : Chuo Bus TerminalTEL : 011-231-0500

  • ・Hakodate Main Line, getting off the train at Niseko Station.
    ・From Niseko Station to Hotel by Bus 13 minutes, By Taxi 10 minutes.